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International Services

Sending a package with life-changing contents internationally carries with it a special set of concerns – ranging from maintaining the integrity of such perishable cargo over what can be a significant distance and period of time to dealing with often complex customs requirements. Decision-makers working in the life science sector turn to Global FIRST because they know we have the international experience and presence that they need – Global FIRST has facilities at strategic locations across the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia and more than 800 agents worldwide.

Whether it involves hand carrying a package across the border or around-the-world or chartering an airplane to reach that remote location, Global FIRST has a solution that ensures your life-altering shipment will be delivered when and where it is needed – no matter how challenging the journey.

Forward Stocking Locations/Order Fulfillment

Delivering critical materials into your hands precisely when and where you need them – that’s the focus of Global FIRST’s forward stocking and order fulfillment services. Pre-positioning these materials at one of Global FIRST’s strategic locations boosts flexibility and cuts turnaround time and costs.

Global FIRST’s forward stocking and order fulfillment services are built on our industry-leading technology which streamlines the fulfillment process and eliminates unnecessary steps – all of which ensures that these essential items end up in the proper hands at the proper time. These important services truly help you help your customer partners.

Use the links on the left to navigate through some of the services that Global FIRST offers. If you have a specific requirement that is not shown on this list, please contact us to speak with a transportation specialist who can advise you of suitable options and alternatives.

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